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Innovative Post-Hair Removal Cream – Reduces Ingrowns – Relieves Irritation

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Say hello to the brightest new star on the hair removal scene! No more ingrowns, no more redness, just smooth, happy, irritation-free skin. Glossy Box post-hair removal care is a unique and soothing after-wax cream. Our innovative cream to powder formula dramatically reduces redness and relieves irritation associated with hair removal procedures. Not only does Glossy Box soothe, restore and rejuvenate your skin, as a natural exfoliate, it prevents ingrown hairs!




“Glossy Box has quickly become an esthetician and customer favorite. Finally, a natural AND effective alternative to after-wax treatments!”

-Lindsay/Spa Owner/Toronto, Ontario

“After struggling with ingrown hairs all my life, I was beyond thrilled with Glossy Box results, no more ingrown hairs!”

-Deanna/Customer/Vancouver, British Columbia

“This stuff actually works, I can’t believe it! I get the worst redness and irritation whenever I wax. But you know, I’d rather stash that rash than rock a fro down low, so I wax-on. I tried Glossy Box last week and it has changed my wax game. I loved the results so much that I went back and got everything else waxed. Zero irritation after. I’m hooked for life!”

-Melissa/Customer/Atlanta, Georgia


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